North America’s NEW Fly Fishing Game Fish! 

After almost 50 years of diligently pursuing carp with flies, I’ve written and am ready to print “Fly Fishing for Carp – Techniques Developed and Used for Over 45 Years!”. Here’s what outdoor writer Ben Moyer says after reading the manuscript:

“It says much about Rich Faler that he has cultivated so much respect for his quarry, born out of long effort to find and catch them. A fish that most anglers see as undesirable, Faler knows as a worthy adversary, at home in its habitat, aware of every intruder, difficult to approach without spooking but eager to take the fly if you are stealthy enough to get close.”

“… the author goes beyond tackle and tells you the kinds of habitats to find carp, especially the big ones – up to 30 pounds – that he targets. Faler is the kind of fisherman – and writer – who is not deterred by wading through mud, algae or underwater weeds to get to the fish, and to tell you the truth about the experience.”

“… he fishes at night, waiting for the moon to rise just so, and then fishing his dry fly in that slender illuminated strip of moon reflection, the only place on the whole stream where he could see a carp rise to take the fly. That’s paying attention to your surroundings and making the most of what they offer. Noticing that kind of thing establishes Faler as an authority on this enjoyable, if somewhat offbeat, fishing resource.”

“‘Not only is the reel screeching the drag’s staccato, but the water is churned by the fish. In shallows, the water is sprayed in all directions. In moderate depths you see a large wake travelling the pool. This is not like playing a sunfish,’ he writes near the book’s conclusion.”


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“Fly Fishing for Carp – Techniques Developed and Used for Over 45 Years!” has been written, illustrated and laid out with the end goal of being my masterpiece. It is the best that could possibly be done to pull together decades of pursuit and knowledge in the most informative and enjoyable form. 

The over 200 pages have full color throughout, with 203 photographs and 22 drawings.

Foreword by Ben Moyer. Drawings by noted outdoor artist George LaVanish.

This book is laid out and ready for the printer. I must hold off on printing for now, but will publish as soon as I can. I appreciate everyone’s patience.