I don’t “collect” sponsors. The sponsors shown here have assisted in numerous ways to help me with my writing, photos, videos, and general outdoor activities. All had become my go-to sources before they became my sponsors. I promote them here to connect you with the same good, reliable products backed by excellent, dependable service.

Dan's Hunting Gear

Dan’s Hunting Gear is a family owned business in the heart of Ohio. Their products are quality—hand-crafted by Amish seamstresses. Dan’s Hunting Gear is recognized as a leader in durable, briar-proof outdoor clothing. They are also home of Dan’s Froglegs and Frogger Bibs—awesomely built and durable, custom-made hip boots and waders.

353 Smokey Lane Road NW
Sugarcreek, OH 44681
p) 330-852-7427
f) 330-852-3818


F&T Fur Harvester's Trading Post

F&T Fur Harvester’s Trading Post offers a complete line of supplies for trappers, houndsmen and predator callers. 

10681 Bushey Rd.
Alpena, MI 49707
p) 989-727-8727
f) 989-727-3347


Minnesota Trapline Products

Minnesota Trapline Products, Inc. is the largest direct retail trapping supply company and maker of the specialized heavy duty (“MB – Minnesota Brand”) trapline equipment.

7444 County Road 27 NW
Pennock, MN 56279
p) 320-599-4176