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CUBBY BOXES with Footgrippers is a simple, practical, no-nonsense method of taking raccoon, fisher and other furbearers. This is a virtually weather-proof method of trapping. The following ARE NOT NEEDED: trowel, sifter, poly fiberfill, dry dirt, waxed dirt, grass clippings, buckwheat hulls, antifreeze, salt, plastic bags or waxed paper, and many other trapping items. Details in this book are found nowhere else. There are complete instructions for building and using boxes. Learn how to bed footgrippers solidly inside the wooden box. Target the furbearer’s paw directly over the trap pan. Click on our book section for more info.


,,Ride-along on my fisher trapline. Fisher trapping lessons on an active trapline.

This will be my working trapline in northwestern Pennsylvania. Dates available are Saturday, December 10, and Sunday, December 11, pre-season setting up the line; Saturday, December 17, to set traps and bait; and Sunday, December 18, through Saturday, December 24 (Christmas Eve), for trapline checks and maintenance. Not sure at this time if I’ll be trapping in this area the week after Christmas. I’ll show you everything I can to catch these awesome furbearers. On December 10 & 12, I will show you the sets, but immediately pull them. Price is $250 per day. $100 down. Email RichFaler@gmail.com. I’ll then send you all the information.


Fly Fishing for Carp – Techniques Developed and Used for Over 50 Years!

Finally, after many years in the making, Fly Fishing for Carp is in print. This is a Masterpiece Edition for the best possible coverage of how to catch carp on flies — viewed from every possible angle. For more information go to our Products section.

I Love the Outdoors!

With a lifetime of holding a fishing rod and wielding a rifle, I’ve become involved in numerous forms of communicating those experiences—writing, editing, publishing, photography, and videotaping. This website has been launched to help share those outdoor experiences and knowledge.

The column on the right shows projects I am currently involved in. These include magazines I edit and layout, websites I publish, books I’ve authored, and DVDs I helped publish. It is my desire to help as many as possible to enjoy the outdoor experience. Please click onto the projects to learn more about them.

Thank all of you for visiting this site. I trust it’ll help you to gain knowledge and enjoyment from fishing, hunting and trapping. 

Looking Ahead

My current on-going projects include the magazines American Trapper, Wisconsin Trapper, Texas Fur Trails, and Buckeye Trapper. I just published the book Trail Cameras for Furbearers. I have other book and DVD projects at various stages of production.  I will continue to work on various outdoor projects, to advance the enjoyment and skill of those who take advantage of them. If I’ve learned anything through the years, it is that the best way to get ahead is to make every day your masterpiece. Extending that wisdom, I am endeavoring to make every magazine, book and DVD my personal masterpiece – making each the best it an possibly be. That transforms into each magazine, book or DVD performing beyond your expectations. What a great goal this is!

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