There is a quote my son Ben gave during a speech. This might not be exact, but the essence is “Make every day your masterpiece.” That is an awesome quote and a tremendous goal for each of us to strive to attain.

Taking this to heart, I am incorporating that wisdom into every magazine, book and DVD. They are my personal masterpieces. I want each to be the best it can possibly be. That transforms into each magazine, book or DVD performing beyond your expectations. What a great goal this is!

When I publish a book which in my humble opinion excels in every aspect—writing, coverage of the topic, art and photo excellence, and a finely crafted layout—when it would be incredibly difficult to exceed the presentation of that book—I will place our “Masterpiece Edition” logo on its cover. 

This Masterpiece Edition logo has no standing outside the framework of Beaver Pond Publications, but be assured the logo on one of our books is your guarantee you are getting the best on that particular topic.