The Wisconsin Trapper


The Wisconsin Trappers Association is a solidly based, hard working organization serving the Wisconsin trapping community. The WTA Mission Statement is “The Wisconsin Trappers Association is dedicated, through the education of trappers and the general public, to preserving and promoting trapping as an important heritage activity that manages and protects furbearer population and habitat while encouraging the wise and ethical use of renewable resources.”

The WTA publishes THE WISCONSIN TRAPPER four times a year to keep its readers up to date on legislation, activities, trends, and research. It keeps members in the loop on Wisconsin furbearers, laws, methods, and needs.

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I began editing and laying out the AMERICAN TRAPPER with the Winter 2017 issue. The magazine is published 4 times a year. Because this is an organization publication, it is not available on newsstands or as a subscription. All WTA members receive THE WISCONSIN TRAPPER automatically.

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