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With a lifetime of holding a fishing rod and wielding a rifle, I’ve become involved in numerous forms of communicating those experiences – writing, editing, publishing, photography and videotaping. This website has been launched so someone who may enjoy my perspective in something such as trapping can become aware of my perspective on another outdoor topic such as fishing. The column on the right shows projects I am currently involved in. These include magazines I edit and layout, websites I publish, books I’ve authored, and DVDs I helped publish. It is my desire to help as many as possible to enjoy the outdoor experience. Please click onto the projects to learn more about them. Thank all of you for visiting this site. I trust it’ll help you to gain knowledge and enjoyment from fishing, hunting and trapping.

Please Share!

Please share RichFaler.com with your friends and family. It is the only way for others to find out about the magazines, books and other projects. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Looking Ahead

My current on-going projects include the magazines American Trapper, Wisconsin Trapper, and Texas Fur Trails. I have other book and DVD projects at various stages of production.  I will continue to work on various outdoor projects, to advance the enjoyment and skill of those who take advantage of them. If I’ve learned anything through the years, it is that the best way to get ahead is to make every day your masterpiece. Extending that wisdom, I am endeavoring to make every magazine, book and DVD my personal masterpiece – making each the best it an possibly be. That transforms into each magazine, book or DVD performing beyond your expectations. What a great goal this is!