Hunting Mountain Whitetails (only available as an eBook at this time)



by Ralph Scherder

In the deer hunting world, nothing compares to the challenge of killing Big Woods bucks on public land. Mountain whitetails provide the ultimate opportunity for adventure and the chance to test your skills as you pursue mature bucks on their terms. This book is designed for those wanting to take the mountain challenge.

Hunting Mountain Whitetails will provides insights into:
• how terrain features dictate travel routes
• how to locate funnels using maps
• how to locate and hunt bedding areas
• how to relocate bucks during the fall transition
• …and much more!

Yes, Hunting Mountain Whitetails will help in your quest for Big Woods bucks, but these techniques can also be applied to hunt whitetails wherever they are found. This book is not just a rehash of everything you read in today’s how-to books and magazines. Rather, this book introduces many new concepts and tactics that can only be learned through years of experience pursuing one of the most difficult trophies in all of hunting – mountain bucks.


Table of Contents

The Lay of the Land
Using Maps to Find Funnels
Trail Cam Tactics
Finding Bucks to Hunt
Relocating Bucks During Fall Transition
Locating Bedding Areas
Dissecting Cuts
Hunting the Wind
Interpreting Sign
The Ground Game
Mocking Whitetails
Outhunt the Competition
Late Season and Winter
Extending Your Range
Favorite Stands
Final Thoughts

196 full-color pages, 199 MB