Making Mud Pies for Beaver – The Castor Mound Set (only available as an eBook at this time)


by Rich Faler

Worldwide, one of the most effective sets for beaver trapping is the castor mound, or mud pie, set. This imitates the beaver’s own mound set which is his territorial marker, community bulletin board, and match-maker site all in one spot. Every aspect of the beaver’s existence and social activities revolve around the mound dribbled with is castor. This book gives the basics of mound set construction. It also tells how this set can be made when freezing weather closes up open water. The author also presents his combination bait and castor mound set – a double whammy attraction. If you are new to beaver trapping or want to up your beaver trapping game, this book will certainly help. There is also a section on the castor glands themselves.


Black-and-white inside pages, 24 pages, 10.1 MB