Cable Restraints — The Art of Live-Catch Snares



by Rich Faler

“I really enjoyed reading Rich’s book ‘Cable Restraints.’ Rich is a man I respect. What I really admire is he always tries to make trapping and the trapping community better than he found it.

“Whether you are a beginner who is just getting started, have used cable restraints with poor results, or a seasoned pro, you will find this book highly helpful and informational in your quest to better yourself using cable restraints.

“Rich has a way of writing so the reader fully comprehends what he is saying. You can immediately replicate it in the field on your line. I personally liked the detailed pictures and drawings he uses to help the reader understand.

“This book is a winner! If you want to be better using cable restraints, get it. Don’t even set it down.

“Great job, Rich!”

— Jeff Dunlap


TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Table of Contents Foreword by Jeff Dunlap Preface What is a Cable Restraint? What Exactly is an Entanglement? Anchors and Supports Loop Size & Height Building Cable Restraints, Earth Anchor Rigs, and Support Wires Equipment Treating Snares Finding Locations Bait Stations Where to Hang Making the Set Blocking and Guides Gang Setting Running the Line Remakes Thank-Yous and Sponsors 128 FULL COLOR PAGES!

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Cable Restraints

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