‘Gator – Trapping Alligators with Setlines (only available as an eBook at this time)


by Rich Faler

‘Gator Hunting Cajun-Style is Physical, Exhilarating and Dangerous!

Alligator hunting Louisiana-style is an awesome! Though I am not a ‘gator expert, my experience catching alligators was absolutely extreme. And I want to pass that experience on … I trust that this book will help to pass on the flavor of this harvest. It is physical, dangerous and lucrative. I¹ve seen more than one Cajun with a missing thumb or other disfigurement that was explained as ‘gator inflicted ­ the reason given with what was sometimes a simple story of lowering one’s guard. At other times, the tale struck a Paul Bunyan or Daniel Boone cord.

Regardless of the reasoning for your reading these pages, it will open the wonderfully fertile world of brackish-water, Gulf marshes and of the hardy folks that work to bring in the reptilian harvest. ‘Gator hunting is “backwoods” Americana, all the way.


Chapter Headings: Introduction, Getting Started, Endangered to Harvestable, Louisiana Regulations and Hunting, Rigging Up, Set Day, Check Day, Skinning & Butchering, The Market Value, and How to Get on a ‘Gator Hunt.

Well illustrated, black-and-white inside pages, 49 pages, 35.5 MD