Calling Fox – Strategies for Calling Your First Fox (only available as an eBook at this time)


by Rich Faler

“The light picks up a bouncing, flowing reflection. A fox is running toward your calling!”

Calling fox is not hard. Like so many types of hunting, it can still seem impossible for the beginner. Even if successful at hunting deer or waterfowl, calling fox can be frustrating, the newcomer seeming to fail with every effort. But once the beginning fox hunter has called in a red or gray fox and connected, the wall of failure seems to evaporate into more reasonable hunting odds. This book gives the methods that get the job done and get the beginner his first fox – or the two- or three-fox a year hunter into higher numbers.

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Chapter Headings: Introduction, Gearing Up, The Calls, The Setups, Calling, Watching for Fox, Strategies to Fool the Fox, Mistakes Beginners Make, and Conclusion.

Black-and-white inside pages, 33 pages, 2.2 MB