Fisher Trapping – Pennsylvania Foothold Methods



by Ralph Scherder and Rich Faler

“Rich and Ralph bring their readers a special mix of successful trapping techniques blended with truly gifted writing abilities in this fisher trapping book. Their style of co-authoring no doubt mirrors how they trap together as partners in the field – each of them complements the other. As I read their book, I find it hard to put down based on the approach these trappers use and the manner in which they describe the situation – it’s like I’m taking personal instructions from them in the field.”

– Mark June, Pro Trapper and Biologist

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Foreword by Mark June Preface How to Become a Fisher Trapper – Ralph’s Perspective Pennsylvania Fishers Then and Now Where and How They Hunt Set Locations Lures & Baits Traps & Modifications Grapples & Securing Traps Types of Sets & Trap Placement Bedding the Trap Weatherproofing Trapline Strategies Fur Handling Our First Fisher Season – A Magic Moment! – Rich’s Perspective Photo Album – More Shots from the Fisher Trapline Biographies: Ralph Scherder | Rich Faler

96 Full Color Pages!

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FIsher Trapping

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