Fisher Trapping – Pennsylvania Foothold Methods


“Rich and Ralph bring their readers a special mix of successful trapping techniques blended with truly gifted writing abilities in this fisher trapping book. Their style of co-authoring no doubt mirrors how they trap together as partners in the field – each of them complements the other. As I read their book, I find it hard to put down based on the approach these trappers use and the manner in which they describe the situation – it’s like I’m taking personal instructions from them in the field.”

– Mark June, Pro Trapper and Biologist

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Foreword by Mark June
How to Become a Fisher Trapper – Ralph’s Perspective
Pennsylvania Fishers Then and Now
Where and How They Hunt
Set Locations
Lures & Baits
Traps & Modifications
Grapples & Securing Traps
Types of Sets & Trap Placement
Bedding the Trap
Trapline Strategies
Fur Handling
Our First Fisher Season – A Magic Moment! – Rich’s Perspective
Photo Album – More Shots from the Fisher Trapline
Biographies: Ralph Scherder | Rich Faler

96 Full Color Pages!


"Your book was key to my success"

“I wanted to update you on my season. I set 16 Bridger #2 Dogless traps on the first day of the season. It took from 7:00 a.m. to 4:43 p.m. It was a long day, lol. I am trapping in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, so bedding the traps solidly was not easy. I followed your book to the letter. I used chains with coyote grapples. For weatherproofing I sprayed glycol (mixed 50/50) and used buckwheat hulls to cover the traps. I used dirthole sets baited with beaver meat and Caven’s Gusto as the call lure. I was getting a little discouraged until I got a nice male this morning. He was 8 pounds 15 ounces. It was a thrill I will never forget. I just wanted to let you know that your book was the key to my success.”

—Rich Keifer, Pennsylvania

"An entertaining and vastly informative book"

“I just read “Fisher Trapping—Pennsylvania Foothold Methods” and I must say thank you very much. What a good read as well as a reference book!

As a new trapper from Pennsylvania, I feel the most at home in the mountains. With it being so vast, it’s easy to get confused when trying to target animals such as fisher and bobcat. After reading this book, I am no longer confused. As I sit here I’m already planning my trapline in my head for what will be my one to two week trapline vacation.

Thank you for writing such an entertaining and vastly informative book which included amazing pictures to help with all explanations. The only thing more informative than this book would be to travel the line with you two fine gentlemen.”

—Chad Strickland, Pennsylvania

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