Minnows – Seining and Trapping (only available as an eBook at this time)


by Rich Faler


Bait shops can be hard to find. And when you do find one, the bait can fall short of your expectations and be very expensive. The proven methods in this book will have you catching plenty of bait with both a seine and minnow traps. Learn the tricks here that will maximize the bait you can catch. Rivers, streams, creeks, runs, lakes, and ponds have an abundance of minnows and bait fish. All states allow their capture for fishing bait. Don’t overlook catching your own bait – and locally caught bait has been proven to be better at taking local fish than imported, store-bought bait.

Like all do-it-yourself activities, catching your own bait is as fun as using the bait afterwards. It is an other challenge with a very satisfying learning curve.

Finally, catching your own minnows opens up an entire world of native species for you to learn and to keep in a home aquarium. The thrill of watching red-sided daces and rainbow darters in a home aquarium – fish you caught yourself – is amazing.

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Table of Contents

Introduction • Keep It Legal • Seines • Traps • Where To Find Minnows • Using Seines • Using Minnow Traps • Rod & Reel • Caring For The Minnows

Black-and-white inside pages, 34 pages, 9.9 MB