The Mink Trapper’s Guide (only available as an eBook at this time)


by Rich Faler

Absolutely the BEST Mink Trapping Book EVER Written !!!

The ultimate of tested mink trapping methods and the most complete course in mink trapping available anywhere. THE mink trapping book – the reference for all mink trappers. One of my proudest moments was when I gave a copy to Charlie Dobbins and his assessment was “It’s a hell of a book!” The Mink Trapper’s Guide has since remained a best seller of all mink trapping books. If you want to learn about mink and mink trapping, this book cannot be too highly recommended. “THE BOOK” for mink.

We are currently offering this only in eBook format. It is 228 pages long and is 46.7 MB. It has all black-and-white inside pages with 50 easy-to-understand drawings and 136 clear photos.

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Table of Contents


Section I—The Mink • The Mink, Himself • Mink Habits and the Trapper

Section II—Preparing the Line • Scouting • Maps • What to Look For  • Feeder Streams • Big Streams • Reservoirs, Lakes and Marshes • Preseason Preparation • Two and Three Day Checks

Section III—Gearing Up • Foot-grippers  • Body-grippers • The Tunnel Trap • Snares • Live Traps • Dyeing and Waxing. • Equipment • Bait • Lure • Urine • Feathers/Fur/Plastic • Coverings • Getting Around

Section IV—Set Construction • Placing the Trap • Guides

Section V—The Sets • The Pocket Set • The High Pocket • The Elbow Set  • Trail Sets • Natural Holes  • Drift Pile Sets • Culverts and Bridges • The Dirthole Set • The Coni-Board • Tunnel Sets • Boxes • The Sandwich Set • Deep Water Mink

Section VI—Line Management • The First Day • Check Days • Gang Setting • Which Set to Use  • Working the Elements • Drowning Sets • Incidentals  • The Human Factor • Developing the Line • Record Keeping • Night Checks • At Day’s End

Section VII—After the Catch • Fur Handling • Marketing

Section VIII—References • Recommended Reading • Sources of Products and Services • Thank you

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