Bear – Baiting & Trapping Black Bear (only available as an eBook at this time)


by Rich Faler


The black bear is the trapper’s big game. Unique to Maine as a sport, the techniques outlined in this 92-page book are the same as those used in many states and provinces by nuisance control workers and biologists trapping and releasing live bear for studies. Just as the how-to-do trapping methods will give most first-time bear trappers a very high success rate, the baiting techniques have great value to those hunting over bait to tag their bruin. Here¹s a rare book on a unique pursuit.


Chapter Headings: Introduction, Equipment (The Foot-Gripper, The Foot-Snare, The Neck Snare, Cable and Connections, Miscellaneous Equipment and Adjustment), Baiting (Bait, The Baiting Process), Setting (Setting the Foot-Snare, The Trail Set, The Dirthole Set, The Cubby Set, Setting the Neck Snare, Setting the Foot-Gripping Trap), Managing the Line, Long Distance Trapping, Conclusion, and Sources.

Well illustrated with many black-and-white photos and drawings by Maine native, Bob Noonan. 92 pages, 22.5 MB