How to Catch a World Record Fish (only available as an eBook at this time)


by Rich Faler


Can the average fisherman have a reasonable chance to catch a world record fish? Really? Without tons of money and lots of time? In this day and age?

The answer is “YES!”

At the time of this writing, the author has been awarded 49 world records for fish he has caught in 5 counties around his home in northwestern Pennsylvania. These records have been taken with fly rod, spinning and cane pole tackle. They have been taken in all kinds of water and at all times of the year. This book is the author’s effort to share this awesome and attainable goal with other fishermen.

HOW TO CATCH A WORLD RECORD FISH is not a book on how to fish. It is a book that gives step-by-step instructions on how to get the knowledge, properly prepare and then to have the right follow-through to be awarded a world record for your catch.

These techniques are not hocus-pocus or a lottery-draw. They are proven methods used by a handful of anglers to consistently get in the record books. With the knowledge in these pages and a dedicated effort, you too can become a world record holder!


Table of Contents

Introduction, What is a World Record, International Game Fish Association, National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, World and State Records, Record Categories, World Record • All-Tackle • Line Class • Fly Rod • Ice Fishing • Line/Pole/No Reel • Power Trolling • Paddlefish, Preparation, Mindset and Dedication, Research, The Fish • Records • Rules • Resource Material, Picking a Target, Equipment, Line • Rods & Reels • Rigging • Net or Gaff • Scales or Tape Measure, In the Field, After the Catch, Care Until Home, Witnesses, Documentation, Photos • Identification • Weighing • Line Sample • Notarizing • Final Details & Mailing, The Record, Conclusion, Contact Info

Black-and-white inside pages, 45 pages, 3.7 MB